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Our Peppers
It is healthy, why

They are vegetables rich in water and vitamin C, a vitamin having incredible anti-oxidant properties, it is recommended to fight ageing and cardiovascular diseases.






4 peppers
10 mint's leafs
3 basil's leafs
4 tsp olive oil


40 g grated bread
40 g di almonds
2 vinegar




Roast almonds in a pan without any seasoning, and in the meanwhile clean peppers by removing all the seeds and white filaments and then cut them into long strips. When you have finished, let two garlic cloves sautée in a pan together with peppers for some minutes; cover with a lid and continue cooking for about five minutes.


Add roasted almonds, salt and flavour with some fresh mint little leaves and basil leaves. Pour two spoonfuls of vinegar and let evaporate, then add a handful grated bread, continuing stirring. Serve as side dish.

From: Cook Around

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