The journeys of carrot Theisy

Theisy a little all vitamin German carrot had always dreamt about Italy, Its mild climate and the shining sun attracted her with their latin charms and more than once she had jumped on a crate bound to the "Bel Paese" upsetting both carrot mum and dad that had always caught her red handed. "You are still too young Theisy! they would say to her. Your leaves need to get leafier and lush before you can go to Italy"

The journeys of carrot Theisy

SO days went by and Theisy kept waiting for the right time to come and for her to become ripe. She would look dreamily at the crates that left full of amazing orange, crunchy and nutritious carrots. They looked like real models on the vegetable garden catwalk! One morning in July when she was in her prime and full ripe, Theisy got the news she had been longing for. There was a place in the crate ready for her and the destination fo her was the one she had always dreamt of.

The journeys of carrot Theisy

In all her beauty she got ready for the journey, she combed her green leaves and elegantly positioned herself in that longed for crate. germany, Switzerland were crossed in the wink of an eye and there she was, at the Italian border. A lot of lady carrot friends got off in Northern or Central regions. Theisy got off in campania, the land of the shining sun and of the best blue sky ever.

The journeys of carrot Theisy

The Migliaro family who were famous for their German carrots welcomed her like a real Queen and she got a lot of compliments from all the friends from the Healthy green garden! The journeys did not end there and Theisy's beauty was much appreciated by an important and well supplied Amalfi green garden store. And then it was time for a tour on the AMalfi coast where its freshness and liveliness won over the heart of a Chef


The Carrot Adam Theis



L'Ortaggio Sano commercializes Adam Theis's carrot. Adam Theis is the gratest supplier of vegetables in the southern Palatinate which is the most expanded growing area for vegetables in Germany with more than 49000 acres.

Here about 100 different kinds of fruit and vegetables are cultivated continually from March till November.

Due to the mild climate in our wine-growing district, the harvest starts here some weeks earlier than in other German growing areas.

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