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The selection of products is the pride of L'Ortaggio Sano. Umberto Migliaro and his children work with a really trustworthy group of suppliers, with them they share their philosophy and vision based on transparency and honesty.
All the products delivered to the firm are certified and are finally controlled by the personnel before being transferred to the storehouse or the refrigerated cells.


L'Ortaggio Sano


Umberto Migliaro founded L'Ortaggio Sano in 2009, after having worked in the sector of the production and sale of horticultural products for 35 years.

Availing himself of the experience gained during the first years of his activity, Umberto decided to specialize in the marketing of horticultural products, thus consolidating his business know-how and concentrating his efforts on the development of a new network of suppliers and customers.

Over the last five years L'Ortaggio Sano has experienced a further development: Antonio e Michela Migliaro have started to collaborate with their father, thus giving new impulse to his entrepreneurial plans, investing in research and development and widening the range of products.

Today the firm is an important logistic platform through which, every day, only high quality vegetables are selected, packed and marketed.


After selection L'Ortaggio Sano products, follow a process of packing into boxes and labelling.
Everything is carried out in a working environment undergoing continuous rigorous tests, in the full compliance of the hygienic-sanitary rules in force; the materials coming in contact with vegetables are selected and processed in order to guarantee the utmost food healthiness and safety and each box is classified with a label reporting all the information concerning each product traceability.

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Within the logistic platform, cargoes and deliveries of goods are well organized.
L'Ortaggio Sano avails itself of its own fleet of vehicles, in order to guarantee to gross dealers, distributors and vegetable markets, the utmost flexibility, widespread distribution and punctual deliverie

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