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Our Pixel tomatoes
It is healthy, why

They are vegetables rich in mineral vitamins , minerals and lycopene and help the skin and the cardiovascular system to stay young and fit.


Surmullet with tomatoes
and black olive's quenelles




4 surmullet
500 g pixel tomatoes
100 g black olives






Fillet fish and remove carefully all the fishbones, add a little pinch of salt. In a pan heat two oil spoonfuls, lay fillets on it and let flavour for some minutes on a high flame. Blanch 350 gr.cherry tomatoes for some minutes, cool them in water and ice, peel them, cut them into quarters, remove seeds and keep them apart. In the meanwhile heat a spoonful of oil, let garlic get golden brown and add 150 gr of chopped cherry tomatoes, let cook for a long time.


Blend the whole and sieve it, add finely ground basil and enough salt. Before serving prepare quenelle by blending olives and adding the oil needed to obtain a soft mixture. Spread the sauce prepared, over a serving dish together with the mullet fillets and around them, lay the quarters of cherry tomatoes and the quenelles of black olives.

From: Il cucchiaio d'argento

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