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Our Parsley
It is healthy, why

It is diuretic, rich in vitamins and essential oils.
It regulates blood pressure and helps digestion.






6 eggs
60 ml milk
150 g parmesan cheese


1 flour
20 g parsley
salt and pepper




Prepare a vegetable broth adding diced potatoes, and the white finely ground part of a leek. Let cook for a long time to flavour. When vegetables are well cooked, blend the whole and if necessary continue cooking up to obtain a velvety consistency.
Beat the egg's yolk and add parmesan cheese, flour, milk, salt and pepper.


Then beat egg white and add parsley. Combine two mixtures gently and cook in a pan, using the cover. Serve omelette warm.
Serve with a sprinkle of pepper, a drizzle of oil and curcuma and accompany with toasted bread.

From: Green me

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