Our Basil
It is healthy, why

It is rich in beta-carotene and magnesium, thus helping to fight high levels of cholesterol in blood and disorders of the cardio-vascular system. The essential oils it contains, moreover, help to fight bacterial infections.






1 garlic
100 ml olive oil
50 g basil


2 tsp grated pecorino cheese
1 tsp pine nuts
70 g parmesan cheese




To prepare Genoa style pesto, first of all we have to say that basil leaves must not to be washed, but must be cleaned with a soft cloth. Start your preparation of pesto by putting peeled garlic into the mortar together with some grains of kitchen salt. Start pounding and when the garlic has become creamy, add basil leaves together with a pinch of kitchen salt, which will help to break the fibres of basil and to keep its bright green colour; then squeeze basil leaves against the walls of the mortar, by rolling the pestle from left to right and at the same time roll the mortar in the opposite direction (from right to left), holding it by its "ears", that is by the 4 roundish bulges that are typical of a mortar;


continue this way until from the basil leaves a bright liquid will come out, at this point add pine nuts and pound again to get a creamy mixture. Add cheeses little by little, continuously mixing, they will make the sauce even more creamy, at last add extra virgin olive oil, that is let it drizzle, without stopping mixing with the pestle. Amalgamate the ingredients thoroughly until you get a homogeneous sauce.

From: Giallo Zafferano

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