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Our Sauerkrauts
It is healthy, why

They are vegetables rich in fibres and lactic acid which help improve intestinal functionality.


with apples




1,5 Kg sauerkrauts
1 Apple (Golden)
3 dl broth
30 g butter


1 onion
white vinegar




Clean sauerkrauts, cut them into fillets and let cook in a casserole with butter, some oil spoons and salt. Stir continuously and add a spoonful of white vinegar and the broth; let cook on a low flame for about two hours. In the meanwhile clean an onion and let it get brown in a pan, when it is golden brown, add the slices of apple.


Continue cooking and add the already cooked sauerkrauts, continuously stirring and let flavour for some minutes. Serve in a serving dish and if necessary, add salt.

From: Donna moderna

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